Joe Ercoli Year in Review – My Top 7 Images From 2014

Lombard with Light Trails - Running the Gauntlet

Running the Gauntlet

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This has been an incredible year for me, photographically speaking, and while I may not have gotten out to shoot as much as I would have liked to, I feel like I made the most of the sessions that I had and came away with some of my best images. While not all of my images this year appear on my blog, you can always see my fresh images in New Releases on my gallery. All of my 2014 images are there, but here is where I’ve gathered my Top 7 favorites from 2014.

1. Running the Gauntlet (shown above)
This is absolutely my favorite image of the year!  The rest will come in no particular order, but this long exposure capture of one of the world’s most well-known streets from almost a mile away is my highlight of the year. Even better, it was a great night shooting with friends Tom Finale, Max Laue, Bobby Gibons, and Khris Griffis. Shooting Lombard was actually Max’s idea – just sayin’.

2. Just a Shell

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge with light trails at night

Just a Shell

You may have seen my shot of the new San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge from the night that it first opened, but I’ll be capturing it in the various stages as the old bridge is dismantled. This image was captured on July 11, 2014, and you can see that the main cantilevered section of the old span is now separated into two pieces. I’ll miss the visual of the old vs new, but it will be nice to see the new span standing all on its own.

3. The Ride

The Ride - Curvy road in the Valley of Fire outisde Las Vegas

The Ride

2014 was the year that I embraced the vertical orientation for landscape photos! I shot this both ways, but a vertical image really complimented the way that the road snaked from the top to the bottom of the frame. I shot this in the Valley of Fire just outside of Las Vegas while decompressing after CES last year. Never have I ever been to a area that lived up to the hype as much as the VOF. It’s a must see.

4.  Big Blue Sunset

Ford Flex on a roadtrip along Hwy 1 through Big Sur

Big Blue Sunset

Looking for a little more traveling room, I picked up this Ford Flex and grabbed this shot on one of my first photo road trips with it. As we stopped to capture the sunset along Hwy 1 going through Big Sur, it seemed like a perfect time the capture the golden glow as it fell on Big Blue.

5. On the Decline

Seascape in Central California, Point Buchon Trail - Montana De Oro long exposure

On the Decline

After being inspired by Mark Gvazdinskas’ images from the Point Buchon Trail at Montana De Oro State Park, I headed down there and made a series of long exposures while walking the several miles along the trail. See the rest of the Dark Currents Series.

6. The Dragon Awaits

Korean Friendship Bell, San Pedro, night photography

The Dragon Awaits

While coming back from Spring Training in Phoenix, AZ, last year, we made an overnight pit stop in LA and I talked everyone into venturing out so that I could shoot the Korean Friendship Bell. Little did I know that the gates close at sunset, so this shot from over a fence is the only one that I got. I need to venture back out there during the day to get up close and personal.

7. Land of Confusion

San Francisco spaghetti bowl 280 101 freeway interchange night long exposure

Land of Confusion

Yet another time when I ventured out at night in San Francisco without a specific destination in mind, Tom Finale and I were just driving around brainstorming about different spots that we wanted to shoot. We both had seen images of the 280-101 interchange before, but we weren’t sure where the best spot was to shoot it from. We probably wouldn’t have found this spot without our cell phones and Google Maps and I wrote a post for Digital Photography School about how I use Google Maps to scout and plan my shoots.

So, that’s my Top 7 for 2014 and it seems that 2015 is already off to a good start. More to come….  -joe

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  1. Eric Leslie says:

    Love seeing what artists themselves choose as their favorites. I love them all!

  2. Joe says:

    Rad – Happy new year and thanks, Eric!

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