Welcome to the Hive – San Jose City Hall in HDR

Welcome to the Hive

Welcome to the Hive

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I’d never seen San Jose City Hall in person before the night that I shot this image, but I was kind of weirded out and intrigued all at the same time. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, I wasn’t exactly expecting traditional architecture (see San Francisco City Hall), but the glass dome of the rotunda quickly grabbed my attention while the spotlight shining down from the tower made me feel as though I was under a microscope. It didn’t take long for my imagination to run wild transforming this building into some futuristic human processing center ala THX1138, hence the image title Welcome to the Hive.

I did pretty well with this image last month at the PPGBA print competition scoring an 86 in PPA-style competition. I scored highest in the Illustrative category and highest overall finishing the evening as the print of the month. You can also see this image on the cover of the PPGBA newsletter for last month.

UPS should be dropping off my finished print for this month’s print comp that is happening in just a few days. The image that I put together for this month is a slight departure from my usual landscape/architectural themed shots, but we’ll just have to see what it will do. An update will be coming soon with that image and the reaction that it got from the judges. More to come!

Shoot well, shoot often… -joe

Image Info: I took a 3 shot bracket with my Canon 40D using a Sigma 10-20mm lens mounted on a Manfrotto tripod. The base exposure was 10 seconds @ f8.0 with ISO 100. The images were combined as an image fusion in Photomatix and further corrected in Photoshop by layering in the original exposures and blending them in. Further corrections and changes were made using Topaz Adjust, DXO Optics, and final corrections were made in Lightroom 3.

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  1. I love this shot Joe. Am inspired to look around me deeper for outstanding subjects. Glad I ran into you last night at the photo walk.

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