Entering the Concrete Jungle

The Concrete Jungle

The Concrete Jungle

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Remember on a hot summer day you’d run through the sprinklers or maybe you had one of those toys that hooked up to the hose that was a fountain that had a bunch of hoses whipping about with water shooting out of the ends? The Vaillancourt Fountain at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco reminds me of that, but made out of concrete. I was walking around SF with my camera (the same day that I grabbed some shots in the financial district) and wanted to grab it in a way that I had not seen.

As I entered the plaza I was excited to see that the fountain was empty since the ice rink set up for the holidays was encroaching on its space. I jumped down into the fountain and began looking for a unique vantage point that still made me feel connected to the overall spirit of the concrete cacophony overhead.

Traversing a path normally at water level, I looked out between the twisting beams of concrete to the city’s buildings towering overhead. When I finally saw what I wanted, I braced myself, took a deep breath, held it, and squeezed of 3 rapid shots so that I could put together this HDR image.

Take some time off and enjoy these summer days. Shoot well and shoot often…

HDR INFO: Three images were shot hand-held with a Canon 40D through a Sigma 10-20mm lense. With so much of the fountain close to me, I shot it at an ultra-wide 10mm @ f4.0/ISO 160. The images were combined and processed in Photomatix with further cleanup through layered exposure blending in Photoshop CS4. Final image adjustments were done in in Lightroom 2.

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