Third Times a Charm @ Print Competition

They Grow Up So Fast

They Grow Up So Fast

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EDIT ADDED 4/26/2010: When I originally wrote this post a week ago I seemed to be suffering from really bad writer’s block. I have an emotional connection to this image and, in fact, I have an emotional connection to ALL of my images but sometimes I don’t express it very well in my writing. A member on a photography forum expressed to me what my image meant to HIM and it got me thinking about what I feel and I came to express it there. I’ve decided to add it below:

I knew that a lot of people would come up with the “going toward the light” thought on this one, but that’s not really how I see this image. Call me optimistic, but I see it more as a vision of life instead of death.

When you’re a child, sometimes you want nothing but to grow up and grow up fast. You’re striving to be one of the big boys or do more things, get your driver’s license, get into high school, etc. And in that way that they yearn to grow, their imagination and desires are running away from their childhood trying to take them up to the next level.

Looking back from adulthood to when we were children, that path that we followed is pretty clear…. as they say,”Hindsight is 20/20.” But when you’re a kid, the world is new, fresh, exciting and you don’t always know what lies ahead of you, yet you still strive for more.

That’s what this image means to me – not death but life and a desire to move ahead, onward and upward.

END EDIT (original post follows) For the third time in as many months one of my prints merited in PPA style print competition last Thursday night (April 15, 2010) with a score of 81. Luckily, I had the highest score in my group so I got the illustrative category win! I grabbed this shot while I was walking around the living roof at the California Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park and I was drawn not to the turf covered structure with bubbly windows boiling up from within, but to the stairs instead- plain gray stairs with a metal railing. I was trying to get a shot looking up from the bottom of the stairs to an overexposed sky above and I waited for a few moments for people to clear. Just when I thought I had a clear shot, the boy you see here ran out from behind me and trotted up the stairs. I started to say,”Crap!” under my breath but instead something inside me told me to react. I raised the camera to my eye and released the shutter. I couldn’t have planned it better! I ended up shooting a couple more after he made his way up, but without him there it was like a blank canvas waiting for something to happen…

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