A California Christmas

Christmas at the Capitol

Christmas at the Capitol

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While driving back from Auburn, CA, after a day of wine tasting with my girlfriend, the rain stopped coming down long enough to make a stop off at the state capitol in Sacramento. I’ve been to Sacramento plenty of times on the way to Tahoe or Folsom, but this was the first time that I had actually stopped instead of just passing through. If there was the slightest hint of more rain, I wouldn’t have planned to stop at all and I never would have known what I was missing.

HDR Info: This HDR of the California state capitol is comprised of three images shot on a tripod using a Canon 40D through a Sigma 10-20mm lens at 20mm with ISO 100 and f5.6. HDR processing handled by Photomatix and further edited in Photoshop CS4.

2 Responses to “A California Christmas”

  1. S.G. Photography says:

    looks great man!!!

  2. Colson Griffith says:

    Daymn Joe… Nice shot! I just watched Trey Ratcliff’s tutuorial… going to have to try some of this HDR stuff out. Perhaps I can hit you up for some tips!

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