Drop Everything!

Skyline Blvd Sunset
Skyline Blvd Sunset, original photography by Joe Ercoli.

I got the call and I had to go. It wasn’t a call from God or a deep desire burning inside that pulled me away from the BBQ that I was just firing up to cook dinner. It wasn’t even the call of nature. It was Paul and he was on the other end of the line yelling at me that I had to leave now before time ran out. “Dude, jump in your car right now and get your ass up here! The colors are amazing!” Thankfully I have a gas grill because I shut her down, grabbed my gear and I was off…

Red Skies at Night...
Red Skies at Night…
Paul told me to meet him at this spot on the side of the road that we’ve shot at a couple of times while trying to capture images of the Perseids meteor shower and other sunsets. Luckily, it’s only minutes from my house and while Google says that it’s a 5.6 mile drive, you seem to get outta Dodge pretty quickly and the perspective from up there is entirely different.

He was right, I don’t know if was the smoke in air from the wild fires in California this year or something came together just right, but the colors were poppin’ and I was set to stay into the blue hour. I grabbed a few snaps, hit a couple bursts to put together a few HDR’s like the one above and sat back with the boys eating sun flower seeds in the great outdoors. I’m lucky that my schedule is pretty open to shoot at almost any time and Paul and I usually try to pick a day or night ahead of time when we’re going to venture out. But sometimes it’s the most spontaneous times like these that we shoot together and it can seem the most rewarding. The BBQ was still right where I left it when I got home and this quick run to the top of the hill was a great way to finish off the day.

HDR Info: I shot the images for this HDR with my Sigma 10-20mm lens (20mm) at f11 and the camera set at ISO 100 on a tripod. Three exposures were combined with Photomatix Pro and further processed in Photoshop CS4.

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  1. Colson Griffith says:

    Hey Joe! Good to meet you tonight. Had to check out the blog. Good Stuff. I can totally relate to this photo. You get that wild rush when someone gives you a lead like that. Great results. See you at the next Smug event.

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