Coming Back for the Sunset

Redwood City Courthouse
Redwood City Courthouse, original photography by Joe Ercoli.

I remember my first cell phone pics, fuzzy and grainy yet still enough to capture a memory of time and place. Some cell cameras are getting pretty good and the iPhone is one of them. While on my motorcycle most of the time, I try to travel pretty light and can’t bring my camera everywhere with me although I could shove a little point and shoot into a pocket of my backpack. Call me lazy, but my cell phone camera does the job well enough.

One night after the gym I was walking through downtown Redwood City and spotted the sun setting behind the old (and newly restored) courthouse building. The colors were wonderful and I pledged to myself that I would make the effort to get back down here one evening with my camera and tripod in hand. To capture the memory I quickly pulled out my iPhone and snapped a shot to remind myself later.

The Fox Theatre
The Fox Theatre
A couple weeks later Paul, Tom and I descended on down town invading the square with our gear snapping pics everywhere. There’s actually a lot of cool stuff down here – buildings, the fountains, the old Fox Theatre across the street and the neon lights of down town. We spent a couple hours down there shooting and I must have snapped at least 25 pics of the courthouse during the sunset making sure that the light was just right.

While I used my iPhones camera as a means to an end by helping to remind to return for the shot, you can use your creativity to make great images with your cell phone that stand on their own. Make sure to check out the blog from Chase Jarvis. He takes a lot of shots with his iPhone everyday and posts one to his blog showing you that amazing results can be possible no matter what your equipment is. Here’s a quote from his site that I like:

”The best camera is the one that’s with you.”

Like a Boy Scout, always be prepared and try not to miss that opportunity for a photo that you just might miss.

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