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Know Your Way

Know Your Way


It was another one of my late nights out shooting and I was set to head to the darkest areas I could for some long exposure experimentation. The shot above is on the beach at Crissy Field in San Francisco at, believe it or not, 1:30AM and was one of three attempts that I made at getting it. It was so dark out there that I could barely see the building at the end of the boardwalk and the camera would not focus. I ended up using a flashlight to get the camera to focus on its target, but I shot with only available light for a thirty second exposure to get this image.

People on the Pier
People on the Pier
I was sure that my buddy and I were the only ones out there, but if you look closely at the pier in this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can see a group of people hanging out. I didn’t see them until processing the pic later the next day. It was a little hazy that night and I’ll be heading back out soon to reshoot but you sometimes never know what you’ll find in the night.

I didn’t end up getting home until 4AM that night (uh, morning?!) and had to be up in just 5 hours to go for a Sunday ride and take more pics of bikes carving through some canyons. But it was worth it since I got to shoot and scout out many more places to go soon. It was definitely a full night and we probably hit seven separate locations in SF in one night – all within a 10-15 minute drive of each other!

KFOG Kabooom!
KFOG Kaboom!
Earlier that evening we went to the KFOG Kaboom, a fireworks show synchronized with music along the bay at piers 30/32. It was my first time shooting fireworks and I got some tips on the web earlier in the day. It seemed to work out and I came away with a few shots that I like.

Another good night of shooting in the Bay!

Point Bonita Sunset
Point Bonita Sunset

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  1. Zonker says:

    Hi Joe,

    I’ve been doing more reading about HDR, and I wanted a few more details about what you are using. (Mac/PS, which software, etc.)

    My new camera is a camcorder too, Canon HF-100, and I need to read about how I can use it for night shots. I may need to use the Smart-Shoe for longer exposures, don’t know if I can do multiple exposures of one image in camera, need to find the menu setting to capture raw…), but your pictures are inspiring me to learn to do more with digital.

    My favorite night shots with film were watching take-offs at San Francisco Airport, starting from the taxi-and-hold spot, and using the tail/roof/belly strobes to see the velocity increase, and the nose-tilt and takeoff. Try that sometime!


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