The Sentinel

The Sentinel, original photography by Joe Ercoli.

I went for a walk yesterday around Chinatown in San Francisco just trying to see what I could see while picking my way through the pigeons, tourists, and groups of people in the park playing cards on top of cardboard boxes. Passing all of the usual stuff in Chinatown, I snapped a few pics for a series that I’m working on and didn’t really feel like I was seeing anything that was inspiring me. I had spent the beginning half of the day driving around Hunter’s Point with a friend of mine looking for cool industrial buildings and equipment to shoot. More of that to come later, it became more of an expedition to scout future shoots more than anything.

I continued on walking a few blocks into North Beach and I just wasn’t feeling too inspired. All in all, I was feeling a little disappointed with my trip up to the City until I started to hoof it back to the car parked in the garage in Chinatown.

I started down Kearney St and immediately the Sentinel Building (also known as the Columbus Tower) caught my eye. I started grabbing pics of it from several angles and sides of the street.

When I got home and started processing my bounty from the days shooting, I put together this HDR and continued to clean it up in Photoshop. I’ve said it before and I guess I don’t listen to myself, but sometimes that one shot that you like comes out from nowhere when you least expect it!

HDR Info: 3 RAWs combined with Photomatix and spot corrected with Photoshop by layered exposure blending. Shot hand held by my Canon 40D through a Canon 24-105L @ 24mm with f/8.0 and ISO 320. Here is the complete EXIF.

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