About Me

Wow! How do you write about yourself without sounding like an arrogant ass? I struggled with this one for a bit before actually sitting down to hammer something out. Alright, just the facts, ma’am, just the facts:

I currently live on the Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area and, in fact, I was born and raised here. I had a brief stint in Helena, Montana, while I attended college, but all in all I’m a Bay Area boy…

Professionally, I enjoyed some time working in the tech fields for Xerox PARC and a few startups before getting in the motorsports/motorcycle industry where I’ve done everything from being your parts counter guy and selling motorcycles to, my last job, being the senior marketing/ecommerce manager for a large motorsports group, MDK Motorsports. It’s funny that my career path has always followed what I’ve been most interested in: IT when I was really into computers and programming then motorcycles now that I’ve been a (mostly) full-time rider since 2001.

I’ve had a few digital point-and-shoot cameras in the past and I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, but I didn’t really get serious about photography until sometime in 2008 with the purchase of my Canon 40D. I never thought of myself as the blogging or writing type until one day in November of 2008 I decided to just start doing it. I think that my high school English teacher would be a little surprised… (Hi, Mr. Sullivan!)

Looking through my pictures you will undoubtedly notice that quite a bit of my work is HDR, although I’m making a concerted effort to make more traditionally exposed pictures when I can. Part of my reason for making HDR images is because I simply enjoy spending time in front of the computer working versus sitting on my butt watching TV. When I’m at home working on computer or at the gym, I’m constantly listening to music and just have Spotify blazing through one of many playlists. Connect with me on Spotify!

Anvil Image is my way of sharing the way that I see the world and hopefully others will enjoy looking at it as much as I did creating it. I appreciate any comments that anyone has ever left here or on my Flickr photostream and they inspire me to shoot ever more while enjoying as much of the world that I can. While I can’t promise to post an image everyday like some sites, I try my best to crank out a post as often as I can, although I’m actually way more active on Facebook or Google+. If you keep coming back, I’ll try to make it at least a little exciting!

-joe ercoli

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