San Francisco Seven Sisters – Girls Night on the Town

Girls' Night on the Town

Girls’ Night on the Town

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I could almost hear the 7 Sisters laughing at us as we visited them for a shoot. I ran up to San Francisco one night with Tom and Paul to shoot this row of Victorian houses that has graced magazine covers, postcards and the opening credits to Full House, but as soon as we got there, it felt as though it wasn’t meant to be. I’m sure that a 10pm arrival had most everything to do with it because parking was a bitch.

After driving around for nearly a half hour, I luckily stumbled upon a spot but Paul, who had driven separately because of a date with some ducks in the morning, wasn’t having any luck. So, Tom and I jumped in his truck and drove around with him for awhile. When he became fed up, we parked his beast of a truck in the nearest bus stop and watched over it while he ran into the park with his gear to grab a couple of shots before he had to run home for some rest. Since I had a parking place, Tom and I bid Paul farewell and we spent a good chunk of time in Alamo Square Park shooting these Painted Ladies and more of the SF skyline before we grabbed some late night grub at Mel’s Drive-in.

Image Info: While this image is not a tone-mapped HDR, it is an exposure fusion that was created by shooting 3 bracketed images at 0,+2, -2 and initially combined using that “other” Photomatix setting. This was shot on a tripod with a Canon 5D mkII through a 16-35mm 2.8L at a focal length of 34mm, f4.0, ISO200 for 8 seconds (base exposure for the bracket). The image was further refined with layered exposure blending in Photoshop CS4 and final adjustments were made in Lightroom 3 before exporting.

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