PPGBA Print of the Month – July 2010

Playing for the Masses

Playing for the Masses


I’m totally blown away by the results of last Thursday nights print competition at PPGBA and I’m super honored to have done as well as I did. This hand-held HDR image scored an 85 in print competition and, since it was the highest score of the night, won print of the month. The judges that night were the presenters, Bert and Cindy Behnke, and Hanson Fong.

I captured this image during a recent wedding that I had shot at St Domenic’s Catholic Church in San Francisco. Like many other HDR images that I put together, this was shot hand-held but because of the low amount of available light during the ceremony I had to shoot at ISO2000 in order to get an acceptable shutter speed. In my experience, high ISO HDR shooting is a no-no, but thanks to the 5D MkII’s excellent low noise floor it cleaned up pretty well.

The last week or so has been super busy and more images are coming down the pipe. Stay tuned…

HDR Info: Three images shot hand-held with a Canon 5D MkII through a Sigma 15-30mm lens at an ultra-wide 15mm. Base exposure was f3.5/ISO2000 @ 1/40th with the brackets spread at 0, -2, +2. The three images were combined in Photomatix Pro, cleaned up with layered exposure blending and straightened in Photoshop CS4, and final adjustments were made in Lightroom 3.

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3 Responses to “PPGBA Print of the Month – July 2010”

  1. Bob K. says:


    Not sure if you are a Flickr member, but if you are I’d like to have this photo added to my group, Church Interiors shot in HDR. This is a great example how HDR can be used to produce natural enhancement in digital photography.

    A great shot! Can you provide some details on how you shot it, what camera and so on?

  2. Joe says:

    I added it to the group! Thanks, Bob!

    Please check the last section of the post headed “HDR Info:.” I include that with most HDR images that I publish here. Thanks for visiting!


  3. Wow, Blown away at this image. I love HDR but have never used it handheld! Excellent capture. Think I have been blinded by the newness of CS5 ability for HDR and now want to go back to photomatix.



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