Hoover Dam at Night

Dam Sleepy

Hoover Dam @ Night

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I got back a few days ago from my annual road trip with the guys to spring training in Phoenix loaded with images taken along the way. In usual form, I was planning on holding off the images for one big post but I had this one that I had to spit out as soon as possible.

Our trip started in the SF Bay Area but we figured a brief pit stop in Vegas as good as any to relax, feed and refuel. Since I was driving, I made sure that we stopped at the Hoover Dam. Never mind that it was 1am, I had wanted to see this place for years and had to grab a shot.

While I got the shot I wanted, I still want to see more. The 15 minutes I spent stretching my legs just wasn’t enough. The open road keeps calling and even with this shot, I have yet to check the Hoover Dam off of my list…

Image Info: Shot with the intention of becoming an HDR image, I later decided to process this auto-bracketed image using exposure blending (or fusion) in Photomatix. Further cleanup and hand blending was done in Photoshop CS4 and final adjustments in Lightroom. I shot this image on a tripod with my Canon 5d mkII through a Canon 16-35mm @ 16mm/f4.5 for a base exposure of 8 seconds using ISO 320.


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  1. Nadine says:

    That’s beautiful Joe!

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