Enjoying the Day’s End

The Day's End

The Day's End

Near the end of a relaxing afternoon wine tasting in the Temecula area, I was inspired to grab this image as I saw the sun going down behind the hillside. I grabbed my gear and started to walk between the rows of vines when the contrast of these colorful leaves illuminated by the setting sun against the grey clouds stopped me in my tracks. While I spent the morning on a plane flying in to San Diego and fighting my way through the bustling airport, this seemed like the best way to end the day that I could find…

HDR Info: Three exposures shot handheld with a Canon 40D through a Sigma 10-20mm lens at 10mm/f5.6 with ISO100. Photomatix generated the HDR image that was further cleaned up in Photoshop CS4.

3 Responses to “Enjoying the Day’s End”

  1. Laura says:

    This is really spectacular! One of my favorites!

  2. Mark Shepley says:

    Wow, this is a spectacular image. Really dig the hard left line down the vineyard.

    The streamers from the sun and that cloudy sky put this photo over the top!

    Nice Work on this Joe,


  3. kona says:

    very nice, rich colours, dramatic!

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