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San Francisco Legion of Honor

San Francisco Legion of Honor

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With a short burst of “bad weather” here in Northern California lately, we’ve all gotten the feeling that the extended Indian summer, that is characteristic of our area, is coming to a close. Trying to make the best of it and squeeze out that very last drop of great weather, I’ve been shooting as much as I can, processing only a little and not posting to the blog. It’s unfortunate and I promise to keep things more interesting. I’m sitting on a pile of great pics and just need to sit down long enough to crank out a post here and there.

In fact, this HDR of the San Francisco Legion of Honor has been around for about a month and it’s actually part of a series I shot one night in early September. I meant publish all of the pics at once, but sometimes these HDR’s can take so much time that I don’t feel like staring at the same subject again for a bit. So, you’re getting one view of it.

I admit, the angle may be a bit awkward, but as I walked up to the building, turned to my left and looked up at the moon, this is how I saw things and I wanted to convey the sense of scale that I felt with the arch looming over me.

Image Info: Three images shot on a tripod through a Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm with ISO100 and f5.6. The 3 shots were auto bracketed at 0,-2,+2 with the “0” exposure lasting 6 seconds.

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