Redwood City PAL Award Night


Last Wednesday I got a call on short notice asking if I was free to shoot at an event the next night. Luckily, I’ve got a pretty flexible schedule and told them that I could be there for the Redwood City Police Athletic League’s 2009 awards night. It was great event with a mixture of a relaxed outdoor party, kid’s activities, and entertainment. In fact, it was almost like two separate events in one and the amount of pictures that got was a testament to that!

Check out slideshow video above that I put together for this event. The holidays are coming and I’m available for your events and parties, too. Hit the “Contact” button on the top right and drop me a note telling what you’re planning!

2 Responses to “Redwood City PAL Award Night”

  1. Zonker says:

    Wow! what a cool slide show! I like the effects, as well as mixing video and pictures! It was also great to see Sequoia High School, and the renovated Carrington Hall (They will have a Midnight Play of Dracula on Halloween, midnight Friday going into Halloween Saturday). You even got a shot of the tile from my graduating class. Nice to see Stoney there, and a few of my classmates I think.

  2. Holland says:

    At last! Someone who unrtsseandd! Thanks for posting!

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