Dog Days

No Trailer Flathead
No Trailer Flathead, original photography by Joe Ercoli.

As summer starts to wind down and kids start going back to school, many times I start to think about everything that I didn’t get to or places that I wanted to go. Luckily, in Northern California we don’t get our warmest weather until these later months of summer or early fall and I still have time to get out and do more.

The Badge
The Badge
I’ve been collecting pics from a few car shows and hot rod get-togethers and I really wanted to put them up all at once, but these images had been begging me to be posted. While I dig a tubbed Camaro, a blown 454, or any other classic muscle cars like the SS to the left, my personal taste pulls me back to things more old school, to the roots of hot rodding.
Flyin' Ford
Flyin’ Ford
You really can’t beat the look of an old flat head with a couple of carbs flying high above the motor naked as a jaybird out in the wind. A couple weeks back I was at a gathering thrown by the guys at Skoty Chops Kustoms and quickly grabbed the image at the top while walking by this rod. I just stuck my 40D with an ultra wide lens right in there and ripped a couple snaps.

Car shots like these help me to remember the good times that I’ve had this summer with friends and also help to remind me that it’s not quite over yet. I’ve still got a few good weeks to go and it’s time to call up the guys and see what’s next…

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