Mason’s Mark

Mason's Mark
Mason’s Mark, original photography by Joe Ercoli.

I got a call last month from my buddy Joey (big daddy there in the white tank) telling me he was getting a new tattoo to mark the birth of his baby boy. I don’t have any ink myself but I thought that it might make for an interesting photo, so I tagged along.

Joey had Mason’s name added to an existing piece on his right shoulder and Todd from Homeward Bound Tattoo in Redwood City, CA, does amazing work. He was cool with me looking over his shoulder and snapping pics of him working, too! I did a little texture work to this image to give it a dark and gritty feel, but I want to put it out there that Todd’s shop is well lit and spotlessly clean!

Thanks to Todd for letting me shoot in his shop and congratulations to Joey, Jessica and Kayla on the addition of a new member to their family!

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