Ducati Red, White and Blue

Nicky Hayden
Nicky Hayden, original photography by Joe Ercoli.

I keep mentioning Nicky Hayden and his red, white and blue race bodywork so it’s time to finally show it! During Sunday’s race I was at turn 2 looking down from the track fence. There is a huge amount of run off at that turn and you really need the longest lens you can get. Next year I’ll be renting something longer…

2 Responses to “Ducati Red, White and Blue”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Nice shot. It still looks really good from that distance.

    No phots from Blue Fin!?

  2. Joe Ercoli says:

    Ha! Thanks!

    I took a couple shots with my cell that ended up on Facebook, but nothing really juicy…

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