Midnight Rush

Midnght Rush

Midnght Rush


Ok, I’m gonna come clean on this one: I’m a 34 year old geeky train guy deep down inside although one of my friends recently referred to me as “basically a nerd with muscles.” Thanks Dean!

I don’t really mean that I just think that commuting on the train is cooler than sitting in traffic – get serious now. We all know that if you want to get from point A to B while having fun, doing it in style and probably quicker than the average bear, then we do it on two wheels. No, I’m not talking about the pedal variety. But I digress…

I’ve had a lot more free time on my hands lately (which is a whole ‘nother story) and I’ve been roaming the streets late at night taking pics both HDR and standard. I was heading out to a building complex in Redwood City to take pics of something (of what I really didn’t know yet) or wander around near the industrial area adjacent to it and see what I could drum up. As my car rounded the corner on Seaport under the freeway, I could see a long line of freight cars on a siding that I thought was relatively abandoned.

The train guy in me went nuts! The tracks here are only feet from the road and I was hoping to get a close up shot of some of the cars with their heavily graffitied bodies but it seemed that there really wasn’t anywhere for me to park.

Well, despite being in a rather isolated industrial area close to midnight, I threw the car into the first parking space that I found and set off on a walk to try to catch up with the train. I walked and walked, but I wasn’t making any headway on catching that thing – it seemed to be headed out.

Midnight Freight

Midnight Freight

Back to the car I went and I set off into the neighborhood on the other side of freeway where I knew that the train tracks split a residential street in half and passed right between the blocks of houses. I set up shop at the corner of Spring and Chestnut and made sure that my white balance was all set for the sodium orange street lamps. As the train approached, a worker hanging off the back yelled out to me to make sure that I got his good side. I chuckled and started clicking off shots as the train blew past me. And by “blew past me” I’m talking about the whopping 5 mph (maybe) that the train crept by at as I took the pic at the top.

I was pretty happy with the few shots that I got. Earlier in the day I had been wondering if the train still made its way down those streets late at night as I had seen before. It was cool to see it close up again. Except for tonight, I’ve probably been out shooting every night this week. Stay tuned, the next post will have some night HDRs and a sweet panorama…

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  1. Zonker says:

    That train was the “Bayshore Turn”. They bring rocks from the Kaiser Permanente Quarry above Cupertino down, and occasionally service other businesses at the port. This year, the lead (tracks) have been getting an overhaul, as well as trying to raise the tracks to avoid some of the flood damage that has occurred there in the past. (More clues occasionally posted to http://www.trainorders.com/ to the Western Railroading discussion forums.)

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