Lots of pics, but none to post!

Hangin’ Out With Steve-O, original photography by Joe Ercoli.

Ugh! This is killing me! I’ve been snapping pics and gathering raw material like crazy, but right now I don’t feel like I can publish anything!

In the quest for true color, I’ve gone through two color calibrators for my monitors: one was a Spyder 2 Express and the other a not-yet-to-be-named brand.I thought the Spyder was giving me true color until I calibrated both the monitor I use at work and my monitor from home. I’d compare projects on both monitors and have a noticeable difference in color.

So, I plunked down good money for another well-known brand and it, too, had a problem with laying a blue cast on a fresh calibration. I won’t name them at this time because they are taking care of me and sending me a new one. I’ll post more about it when I use it and it works well.

If you work with graphics or photos, I don’t have to tell you the frustration of not being confident in the calibration of your monitor. Right now I feel like it would be wasted time to process photos and HDR projects that I may have to fix later or scrap and re-do.

I’ll just have to wait patiently, like Steven pictured above, until I can start cranking out some photos again. For those of you not using a color calibrated monitor, ignorance may just be bliss…

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