Pure Adrenaline

Pure Adrenaline

Pure Adrenaline


I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing what riding this coaster is like. All of the emotions that come with the experience: the intense anticipation, surprise, fear, laughter and exhileration are just a few that I can think of off of the top of my head.

The most unique thing about this coaster is not just that first drop that you see or the dual flame-throwers spitting flames above your head. It’s been dubbed a 4th dimension roller coaster because of the way that the seats, that are on an ingenious rack and pinion, rotate forward and backward.

I had no idea what Jen and I were in for the first time that we rode this and I wasn’t about to let her know what I thought it was going to do! When you climb on board, you wrap a shoulder harness around your chest like you’re putting on a jacket and that’s it! There is nothing else around you except for the “L” shaped platform of a seat and you’re facing backwards.

I figured by the way that we were seated, we would be going head first down the first drop like Superman flying straight at the ground. I didn’t want to tell Jen this because I could imagine her slapping the shit out of me all the way up the first hill. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. This crazy contraption flips you over so that your front side is parallel to the ground and yanks you straight down.

If you have a fear of heights… well, just go on it, you pansy! It’s like jumping off of a 215 foot cliff, getting yanked horizontally at the last second and then getting shot out of a cannon! This may sound nuts, but there is so much more to the ride than that including a continuous soundtrack, fire and more.

We have season passes to our local theme park, California’s Great America, but the rides at Magic Mountain dwarf them all by so much that we have season passes there, too, and make the six hour drive down almost every other month.

X2 is pure adrenaline.

Image Info: Image rendered in Photomatix by combining three images through exposure blending. Shot on a tripod.

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