St Francis Hotel

St Francis Hotel, San Francisco

St Francis Hotel, San Francisco


A couple of weeks ago, Jen and I headed up to San Francisco to start a little Christmas shopping and have a fun day, just the two of us. Jen hadn’t been to Union Square and been shopping for years so we parked and went to Nike, Macy’s and a few others. After a bit of shopping and walking around we decided to head outside to grab a drink and relax. I had planned to bring my gear and get a few shots so I set up and took a look around.

Besides the stores nearby, I would have to say that the St Francis Hotel dominates the scenery for me. In fact, when I was young I used to come up here with my family to see Union Square when it was decorated for Christmas. As you can see in the photo they were just starting to put the lights up on the tree that night.

One place that was a treat for us was to ride in the glass outdoor elevators in the St Francis. My dad is extremely scared of heights and was in for a white-knuckle ride every time we dragged him in there!

HDR Info: 3 RAWs combined with Photomatix and spot corrected with Photoshop by layered exposure blending. Shot on a tripod.

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