Welcome Home

Welcome Home - Golden Gate Bridge Sunset

Welcome Home

On the way home from a day at the supermoto races, I’m driving through Marin and the daylight is just starting to fade. Colors are popping and I start to think (like every other person with a camera that hasn’t done it yet), “This would be an awesome time for a shot of the Golden Gate!”

Driving up the road off the freeway I’m just about to give up realizing that everybody and their brother was out here taking pics or just taking in the wondrous view when all of a sudden a perfect parking spot appears out of nowhere on the opposite side of the road. Quickly, I swing over cutting off one of those tour buses that resembles an obese cable car.

Jen, waking up groggy and a bit surprised after our abrupt maneuver starts to ask where we are when I jump out of the car and quickly tell her that I’ll be right back. Thankfully, she’s patient with my sometimes impulsive behavior! After less than 10 minutes setting up and snapping my pics, as well as a couple for some tourists, I’m back on the road again headed home.

HDR Info: 3 RAWs combined with Photomatix and spot corrected with Photoshop by layered exposure blending. Shot on a tripod.

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